Filtration Equipment

With over 20 years’ experience in industrial filtration, we offer both customized and ASME compliant filter products including filter bags, filter cartridges, filter housing, strainer, and self-cleaning filter systems. We serve customers across many industries like food and beverages, coatings, inks, water treatment, personal care, chemical plants, etc. Our products are ISO 9001:2008 certified and conform to the requirements of the United State FDA for food and beverages and pharmaceutical applications. Let us know your application and we will take care of the product design and recommendations.

Filter Bags

Filter bags are one of the most cost effective choices for a wide range of filtration applications, ranging from food and beverages, to industrial chemical filtration.  Our bag micron ratings range from 0.5 micron to 1000 microns in a wide range of filter bag material choices. 

Filter Cartridges

Cartridge filters are available in various lengths and diameters as well as construction materials (woven, nonwoven, and membranes) and are excellent for use in the filtration of liquids in various industries.  In addition, we also offer activated carbon cartridges as an economical solutions for removing odours, chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOC), colours, tastes and other contaminants from fluids. 

Bag Filter Housings

Bag filter housings are an easy to use and cost effective product for the filtration of liquids. They are particularly beneficial when handling batches of liquids.  Our bag filter housings are designed to be excellent for use in the filtration of liquids in various industries. We supply both single bag and multi-bag filter housings which are modifiable based on user needs and drawing specifications. 

Cartridge Filter Housings

Cartridge filter housings work by evenly distributing unfiltered liquids around the cartridges, from the outside to the inside. Suspended solids are captured from the outside for an easy disposal.  Cartridge filter housings could be used for a wide range of applications, from food and beverages to fine chemical filtration. They are suitable for pre-filtration, end-filtration or as a polishing filter for liquids with low concentration of solids. 

Strainer Systems

Strainers are used to capture undesirable substances such as debris, metal pieces, rust, etc. in pipelines to protect processes and expensive downstream equipment such as pumps, control valves and flow meters. 

Self-cleaning Filter Systems

Self-cleaning filter systems are usually used to handle liquids with high suspended solids content.  They are also suitable for handling viscous liquids which other filtration systems could not handle.  

Dust filters

Dust filters are used to remove particulate matters from gases.  We supply custom-made filter bags and dust filter cartridges to suit our customers’ process need. 



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