Very often, intermediates are used to produce flavours and fragrances with the desired profiles. Sometimes, intermediates such as acetic acid can also be finished goods since it is consumed directly by consumers and used by producers to manufacture other food products. 

Ethyl Acetocetate (EAA)

This is a colourless liquid with a fruity odour. It acts as a fragrance enhancer and solvent. It is a tautomer at room temperature consisting of approximately 8% enol and 92% keto. It is soluble in water and common organic solvents. In perfume compositions, Ethyl Acetoacetate is mainly used to achieve etheric, fresh-agrumic and other subtle top notes.

Ethyl Acetate

A colourless, fragrant, low-boiling solvent used to bring a fruity flavour to candy, baked goods, gum, etc. Ethyl acetate can also be found in wine helping to give wines a fruity flavour. Ethyl acetate is used as an artificial flavour in ice creams and cakes.


This ingredient can be used as a humectant, emulsifier, binder in food such as in baked goods, beverages, chewing gum, flavouring agents, dairy desserts, cheese, processed fruit, dried vegetables, confectionery. Its high solvency power and low volatility make triacetin a good solvent and fixative for many flavours and fragrances. 



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