Plastic products form a big part of our everyday lives ranging from packaging to durable goods and communication equipment.  At Hexa Chemicals, we supply several raw materials such as resins, additives to enhance performance as well as pigments and dyes to add colours to the plastic processing and compounding industries.

Plastic Resins

From engineering plastics for demanding applications such as automotive parts, electrical and electronic applications to product packaging, we have the right resins to meet brand owners’ and converters’ demands required of their applications.

Plastics Additives

Additives are widely used in plastic compounding or processing in order to meet competing demands of the required applications.  

pigments and dyes

Pigments and dyes help to colour everything around our every day lives. We supply a large collection of pigments and dyes, ranging from carbon blacks to titanium dioxides, yellows to blues, and reds to greens. They can be used in Coatings and Inks, Construction, and the Plastic industries. 



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