Flavours and fragrances consist of several ingredients to produce the desired taste and smell respectively.  We supply various flavour and fragrance ingredients to multiple customers, from MNCs to SMEs.   


Very often, intermediates are used to produce flavours and fragrances with the desired profiles. Sometimes, intermediates such as acetic acid can also be finished goods since it is consumed directly by consumers and used by producers to manufacture other food products. 

Food Acids

Acidulants are chemical compounds that give a tart, sour or acidic flavours to foods or enhance the perceived sweetness of foods. Acidulants can also function as leavening agents and emulsifiers in some kinds of processed foods. Though acidulants can lower pH they do differ from acidity regulators, which are food additives specifically intended to modify the stability of food or enzymes within it. Typical acidulants are acetic acid (e.g. in pickles) and citric acid. 


Weighting agent plays a critical role in stable emulsion preparation. A weighting agent is a substance with a relatively higher density than the oil and is soluble in it. In the 1970s, BVO (brominated vegetable oil) was the ideal weighting agent but now it is restricted in use due to alleged health hazard. Now the more common weighting agents used are ester gums and sucrose acetate isobutyrate (SAIB). 

Filtration Equipment

  • Filter bags
  • Filter cartridges
  • Filter bag housing
  • Filter cartridge housing
  • Strainer systems
  • Self-cleaning filter systems 
  • Dust filters



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