Avoiding Amine Blush in Epoxy Coating

Posted on19/09/2022

In humidity level area like Singapore, we always have abundant rainfall particularly during raining season. It is sometime problematic for epoxy system as its amine component tends to absorb moisture from the air. When the water content exceeds the threshold, a side reaction called amine blush will occur.  Amine blush can appear as a waxy or oily appearance on the surface layer of a cured epoxy. It can appear as greasy white spotting, or even salt-like, crystalline deposits. Many times, it can also be cloudy, milky or grey coloured. While some localized amine blush may not be always visible, it could still cause defect such as adhesion failure when a second coating is applied on it.

One way to prevent an amine blush is to minimize moisture contact during both storage and application. It is very important to apply the epoxy coating only on a clean and dry surface under recommended working temperature. We understand that it is not always possible to get an ideal condition or experienced applicator and therefore the product choice will be crucial. Contact us for more information.



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